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CAS Medical Systems, Inc. develops and manufactures high-quality blood neonatal products. NeoGuard® Reflectors to secure temperature probes to the skin and NeoGuard® Limboards armboards. Soft hydrogel straps hold limboards securely in place.
Some products are not available in Canada.

NeoGuard Temperature Probes NeoGuard Temperature Probes

Disposable, single-patient-use temperature probe used for the patient's length of stay improves cost recovery for the hospital. Low-profile design with flexible wire improves ability of the temperature probe to remain in contact with the skin.

NeoGuard Limboards NeoGuard Limboards

Soft foam boards support IV sites and provide comfortable, effective stabilization.

Klear-Trace ECG Electrodes Klear-Trace ECG Electrodes

For monitoring of neonatal and pediatric patients, no other choice compares for quality, gentleness, reliability or value to Klear-Trace® pre-wired electrodes.

NeoGuard Reflectors NeoGuard Reflectors

  • Holds NeoGuard Temp Probes securely to skin while shielding it from radiant heat
  • Proprietary hydrogel adhesive allows probe to be removed and repositioned without irritating babies' skin
  • Two sizes to fit any babies

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