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Philips Children's Medical Ventures is the leading provider of developmentally supportive products for premature babies, healthy newborns and hospitalized infants. They offer high quality products and education programs that meet the unique needs of these special babies, their caregivers and their families.

Some products are not available in Canada.

BiliTx Phototherapy System BiliTx Phototherapy System

The BiliTx™ phototherapy system provides a brighter future for infants with hyperbilirubinemia and hope to anxious parents. This new phototherapy system from Children's Medical Ventures places effective light therapy in the hands of clinicians and parents while delivering reliable business solutions to hospitals and home healthcare providers.

·      Blue LED Light Source provides superior irradiance and cool spotlight therapy

·      Dual functionality provides therapy choices; overhead, panel or dual intensity

·      No maintenance/low operational costs — No bulb changes or service needs

·      Wallaby® panel compatible

·      Ideal for use in hospital and homecare settings

BiliChek Noninvasive Bilirubin System BiliChek Noninvasive Bilirubin System

The BiliChek measures total serum bilirubin levels with no pain, no waiting and no risk of infection compared to the traditional heel stick method or blood draw. Using light, BiliChek tests bilirubin levels without regard to gender, gestational age or bodyweight.

Smart Monitor 2PS Smart Monitor 2PS

The SmartMonitor 2PS provides healthcare professionals with the ability to monitor heart rate, respiration, and oxygen saturation data using one piece of equipment. As the only apnea monitor with revolutionary Masimo SET® technology, this sleek tool offers more comprehensive information than ever before and can be used in both the hospital or in the home.

NeoPAP Infant CPAP delivery NeoPAP Infant CPAP delivery


 NeoPAP Infant CPAP delivery


NeoPAP is a sophisticated CPAP delivery and treatment system developed to treat newborns and infants with respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) or who are recovering from RDS.


Simplicity and freedom

The NeoPAP patient interface's small profile and ability to be used with both CPAP and flow modes, coupled with Baby-Trak leak compensation technology, gives you the freedom to accommodate the unique care needs of your smallest patients. The innovative bonnet, nasal cannula and nasal mask designs work in concert to help minimize the need for adjustments during therapy, allowing you to spend more time caring for your patient and less time tending to the device. NeoPAP allows you to create an environment where patients can rest more comfortably and focus their energy on growth and development. Watch the NeoPap video for more details.


Key advantages

- Lightweight patient interface made of soft, skin-friendly silicone; does not contain BPA, DEHP, or      natural rubber latex

- Patient bonnet using Fabrifoam* lining to help minimize torsional stress placed on the patient interface. Unique design virtually eliminates the need to tighten the interface to the patient

- Three modes of therapy: CPAP mode, flow mode, resuscitation mode

- Adjustable alarm volume control, remote alarm capability, visual and audible alarm indicators

- Baby-Trak leak compensation technology: eliminates the need for a closely fitted interface seal and helps to reduce pressure on the infant's face. View an animation of the Baby-Trak leak compensation technology.

Sleep and Positioning: Squishon 2 and 3 Sleep and Positioning: Squishon 2 and 3

Squishon products are made from a soft, breathable material and are filled with a non-toxic gel. The rectangular shape allows for head movement while maintaining surface support.

Squishon 2 has an extremely soft surface and is designed for the support of the extremely low birth-weight infant.

Squishon 3 is designed for older preemies and babies with more resilient skin. It has a slightly thicker outer bag that reduces evaporative loss and increases usage of the product.

Sleep and Positioning: Bendy Bumper Family Sleep and Positioning: Bendy Bumper Family

The Bendy Bumper is a bendable positioning aid that stays in place until it is reshaped by the caregiver. This unique molding capability is due to a safe, hermetically-sealed lead rod in the center of a thick, spongy foam body. The bendable rod and cloth covers are designed to be cleaned and reused for multiple patients. The foam body is single-patient use only.

The Bendy Bumper is available in three sizes:

? Baby Bendy for low birth weight infants, sometimes preferred for greater visual access of tiny infants (28" L x 2.5" H)
? Bendy Bumper appropriate for all preterm infants (36" L x 3.5" H)
? Super Bendy with a sturdier rod, perfect for positioning multiples, bigger babies and pediatric patients. (48" L x 4.5" H)

The Bendy Bumper provides a boundary for developing neonates and promotes containment, flexion, correct positioning and musculoskeletal development.

Sleep and Positioning: Frederick T. Frog Sleep and Positioning: Frederick T. Frog

Frederick T. Frog is a versatile positioning aid that was designed by a NICU nurse to help achieve goals for developmentally supportive positioning.Freddy may be placed around head, neck, or hips, or used to position an extremity.
The polyethylene beads (beans) are encased in two layers of soft fabric for safety. Freddy is made from a soft, cotton/polyester blend and is machine washable and dryable.

Sleep and Positioning: SnuggleUP Sleep and Positioning: SnuggleUP

The SnuggleUp® is a soft, cozy nest that helps to provide proper positioning and physiological stability for preterm and ill babies. Once comfortably nested in the SnuggleUp®, the baby can be weighed, moved, examined or transported with minimal stress and disruption.

SnuggleUp® is available as reusable or disposable.

Sleep and Positioning: Cozycare Bunting Sleep and Positioning: Cozycare Bunting

Cozycare Buntings are used to help prevent heat loss and provide containment in the delivery room, nursery, during transport, during feeding or at home.

They are made from an ultra soft 100% polyester, non-allergenic, non-toxic, flame retardant, non-woven material with a layer of DuPont™ Thermolite® that helps baby maintain temperature.

Cozycare Buntings come in three sizes that are easily adjustable with soft, refastenable tabs. They are disposable for hospital use or can be washed several times for home use.

Wee Specs Wee Specs

WeeSpecs two-piece design is made from a very soft hypo-allergenic material and can be adjusted for a custom fit. The inside frame of the goggles seals around the skeletal socket reducing pressure on the eyeball and allows a baby’s eyes to open and close naturally.

Wee Sight Transilluminator Wee Sight Transilluminator

Wee Sight Transilluminator can help to accurately locate the tiny veins in a neonate’s small limbs for improved insertion of an IV. The strong LED light performs as well as larger transilluminators, but does not emit heat — making it safer even for the most delicate skin.

Wee Thumbie Preemie Pacifier: <30 Weeks Gestation Wee Thumbie Preemie Pacifier: <30 Weeks Gestation

The Wee Thumbie is the first pacifier designed specifically for use by very low birthweight babies. Modeled after the size and shape of the preemie thumb, this pacifier facilitates the important sucking behaviors normally learned in utero.


Wee Soothie:<30-34 Weeks Gestation Wee Soothie:<30-34 Weeks Gestation

The Wee Soothie is designed to provide a superior fit for growing preemies or smaller term babies for use during their hospital stay. The notched area allows space for tubing from CPAP, mechanical ventilation or tube feeding.

NICU Soothie:> 34 Weeks Gestation NICU Soothie:> 34 Weeks Gestation

The Soothie is a premium pacifier designed for newborns and babies without teeth who are successfully bottle or breastfeeding. The notched area allows space for tubing from CPAP, mechanical ventilation or tube feeding.

Soothie: Soothie:

The Soothie is a premium pacifier designed for newborns and babies without teeth who are successfully bottle or breastfeeding. Its one-piece construction adheres to the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines. Available in natural or vanilla scent.

WubbaNub:< Without Teeth WubbaNub:< Without Teeth

WubbaNub infant pacifiers are specially designed to keep the Soothie pacifier conveniently placed without the use of a pacifier clip or cord. The vibrantly colored soft, plush toy gives the baby something to grasp and helps to bring a baby’s hands to midline.

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