nSpire Health (Ferraris)

NSpire Health (Ferraris) designs, develops and manufactures, technically innovative medical products. Includes Collins® Pulmonary Function, KOKO® Spirometry and POCKET CHAMBER™ Valved Aerosol Holding Chamber.

Some products are not available in Canada.

Pocket Chamber Pocket Chamber

Now you can Manage your Asthma Conveniently and Effectively with a Pocket-Sized Device- Proven as Effective as MDI Chambers nearly twice their size.

* Proven Performance Equal to Much-Larger Chamber.
* Flexible Enopiece Accepts MDI'S Mouthpieces.
* Built in Whistle (Flow Indicator) Provides Alert When Exceeding Recommened Inspiratory Flow Rate.
* Low resistance One-Way Valve

KoKo Moe Filters KoKo Moe Filters

Pulmonary Function Filters

Effective Filtration for Hygienic Pulmonary Function Testing
• Single patient use filters for the effective filtration of bacteria, viruses, and expectorated matter
• Can be adapted for use with virtually any pulmonary function instrument
• Low resistance for accurate spirometry testing
• Low dead space (50cc) as required for lung volume and DLCO testing
• Rubber Mouthpiece and Nose Clips available with kits or as individual units
• Available in fun neon colors, teal, green or white

Spirometer, KoKo Legend w/USB Ports Spirometer, KoKo Legend w/USB Ports

The KoKo LEGEND, designed with an easy to operate color touch-screen,walks both physician and patient through standard testing procedures.Our realistic animated incentive graphic allows the FVC test to beperformed with a real-time on-screen display.

Spirometer,KoKo w/Software & Filters & USB Spirometer,KoKo w/Software & Filters & USB

The KoKo is a unique spirometry system which combines a portable, hand-held unit with the power and storage capability of a computer system. The customizable software is designed to meet the demands of the most sophisticated spirometry user.

KoKo Trek Spirometer w/USB Cable KoKo Trek Spirometer w/USB Cable

Electronically identical to the KoKo PFT Spirometer, the KoKo Trek offers the same accuracy and reliability coupled with a more streamlined software package. The KoKo Trek offers Pre/PostBronchodilator FVC testing, seven pre-defined reports, four incentive displays and automatic standard interpretation.

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