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Since 1907, Polar Ware has been providing the highest quality stainless steel products. From the patient bedside to the doctor’s office, from operating room to central supply stainless steel is the renewed wave of the future.Example: Instrument Trays, Patient Care Products, Plastic Patient Care Products, and Laboratory Products.

Polar Ware Polar Ware

Plastic Patient Care Products:
A wide selection of color identifiable plastic products for daily patient care. Reusable/autoclavable or disposable
Surgical Products:
Deep drawn, stainless steel design of these surgical utility containers withstands the rigors of sterilization. A wide selection of shapes and sizes is available

Instrument Trays
Heavy-duty stainless steel instrument trays in a variety of widths, lengths and depths, plain or perforated. Many with covers. Seamless construction for reliable cleaning and steriization.

Laboratory Products
Durable, highly non-corrosive stainless steel storage containers and other lab utility items; such as graduated measures, funnels, beakers, scoops, iodine cups and solution pails.

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All devices listed herein may not be licensed in accordance with the Medical Devices Regulations. Please consult our Marketing department for additional information.

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