Opticare Arthro

Opticare Arthro Opticare Arthro

Product ID:
121-CG002 / 121-CG003

The Opticare Arthro model is of particular help to those who have severe arthritis or real difficulty lifting their hand to their eye to instil their drops. The leverage you get from the specially designed extended arms delivers your drops using even the lightest finger touch.
The eye-piece swivels and locks in the position that is ideal for you.

Available in Opticare Arthro 5 for 2.5 & 5ml plastic dropper bottles,121-CG002, blue and Opticare Arthro 10 for 10 & 15ml plastic dropper bottles,121-CG003, cream.

Opticare Eye Drop Dispensers are also available, please check the regular dispenser in our Eye Dropper Section.

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