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Endotracheal Tube Holder Endotracheal Tube Holder

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The Dale Stabilock Endotracheal Tube Holder is a quick and easy product to apply that reduces accidental movement of the endotracheal tube.

Foley Catheter Holder Foley Catheter Holder


The Adhesive Patch, made of a skin-friendly adhesive base that can be written on to record patient data, can be used on your short- term catherized patients.

The Leg Band, made entirely of stretch material, has a soft, supple backing for added skin comfort. The elasticity and 2” width of the leg band distribute compression evenly around the thigh to minimize circumferential pressure.

In addition to saving valuable nursing time, the Dale Hold-n-Place Foley Catheter Holders stabilize the indwelling catheter, reducing the likelihood of traumatic removal, without restricting patient’s movement or irritating the skin.

Grip Lok Grip Lok

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Grip-Lok™ is a stabilization and securement device strong enough to lock catheters, tubes and lines securely in place, yet versatile enough for almost any securement situation.

Nasal Dressing Holder Nasal Dressing Holder

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The Dale Nasal Dressing Holder eliminates the use of adhesive tape to hold nasal dressings up. The soft material and the ear loops eliminate irritation of the skin.

Tracheostomy Tube Holder Tracheostomy Tube Holder


The Dale Tracheostomy Tube Holders are designed to provide secure positioning and to minimize movement of the tracheostomy tube. The moisture wicking lining on the 2-piece, adjustable neckband leaves the skin dry, reducing the risk of skin breakdown. Secure and easy to use fastener tabs fit any size trach plate.

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