Peak Flow Meters

Mini-Wright Low and Standard ( Mechanical ) Mini-Wright Low and Standard ( Mechanical )

The mini-wright is designed to measure the maximum flow rate one is able to attain with a single, forced expiration. The mini-wright is available in standard and low, for those experiencing lower than normal expiration. Both models come equipped with a one-way valve to ensure accuracy every time.

Piko-1 ( Digital ) Piko-1 ( Digital )

Designed to not only measure maximum expiratory flow but to also measure forced expiratory volume. With a single button operation, the Piko-1 digital is very easy to use.

Pocket Peak ( Mechanical ) Pocket Peak ( Mechanical )

This lightweight, easy to use peak flow meter makes for a simple and reliable means of asthma management. The pocket peak comes equipped with a universal mouthpiece and is versatile for adults and children of all ages.

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